2019 Barbri Bar Exam MBE SET of 4 Books - MBE Practice Qs, Outlines, SIM, MPT

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Barbri Bar Exam MBE SET of 4 Books 2018-2019

Publisher: Barbri for February 2019 bar exam 

Condition: BRAND NEW
1. Barbri MBE Practice Questions
    Practice questions with analytical answers for MBE subjects (Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law,  Evidence, Real Property, and Torts):
  • MBE Preview Diagnostic Exam w/t Analytic answers
  • MBE Workshops
  • MBE Refresher 
  • Half day practice Exam w/t Analytic answers
  • FULL day practice Exam w/t Analytic answers
2. Barbri MBE Simulated Exam
  • 100 AM questions
  • 100 PM questions
  • Answer keys
  • Explanatory answers
3. Barbri MPT Performance
4. Barbri MBE Outlines
     Contains Expanded Outlines for MBE Subjects
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  • MBE-MEE Flashcards
  • MEE Outlines with Essay Frequency
  • MBE Simulator - Answer questions online in sets of 50 questions - Exam or study mode
  • Answers to all MEE questions tested with year tested and answers (1000+ pages)