Tips to Increase your MBE Score

Oct 12th 2017

MBE has 100 Questions in Three Hours. So you have limited time for each question, 108 seconds per question to be precise.You will have to balance between speed and accuracy. Some questions can be really long, so you have to focus on pertinent information. Remember one out of every eight (1/8) questions is NOT SCORED, so don't get hung up on a question and keep moving.

1. Read Call of Question First

Reading the call of the question first, helps you to know what field the question from. Is it a Tort or a Contract question? If it is a Contracts question - is it services or UCC? Sometimes the call of question may not have much information, so scan one or two sentences above the call to see what the question is about.


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2. Read Carefully 

3. Before going to choices - answer the question in your mind

4. Stick to the majority views 

5. Be aware of terms of art

6. Get into exam schedule

7. Be detached

8. Time Management

Bad question Move on, don't panic.. 25 questions are non testable

Keep moving at a steady pace - time management

9. Practice Practice

The bar exam is very different from law school. 

  • Adaptibar is good way to practice online, It keeps track of your mistakes and tracks your progress. Contact me for $50 discount coupon.
  • Time yourself while you practice. 
  • Use actual MBE practice questions. 

Preparation material available

You can buy Barbri Conviser, MBE Flashcards and Practice questions to prepare for the bar exam.