2018 Barbri ILLINOIS FULL SET Conviser, Outlines Essay MBE MPT Book PRIORITY SHIP

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Barbri Bar Exam Prep ILLINOIS- FULL SET 


1. Barbri Conviser Mini Review - good

Content: Contains condensed outlines for: 

ILLINOIS Subjects:

MBE subjects:

Civil Procedure, constitutional Law, Contracts & Sales, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, Torts 
2. Outlines of Illinois- good
3. Essay Testing for Illinois- good
4. MBE Practice questions - Some markings
5. Outlines for Multistate - good
6. MBE Immersion - Some Markings
7. Simulated MBE - Some Markings
8. Multistate Performance Test - Very Good
9. Lecture notes for Illinois - Filled IN


PLUS FREE worth over $200

1. Printable flash cards MBE  inc Civ Pro ($19 value)

2. MBE and Texas outlines mini, short and long outlines ($19 value)

3. Additional MBE practice questions($19 value)


4. Unlimited MBE Simulator ($49 value)