2017 Themis Bar Review OHIO OH MBE FULL SET + FREE Flashcards Book

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Themis Bar Review 2017 OHIO Bar Exam 6 Book Complete Study Set.

Books are all in great condition 

For the 2017-2018 OHIO bar exam, they are excellent study material. Covers all aspects and areas of the OHIO bar exam. 
Good - lecture Handout has blanks filled in, Other markings in books.

Content: This set includes the following 6 books:

OH Outlines (ISBN:9781943808-90-8)


OH Lecture Handouts (ISBN:9781943808-91-5)

Multistate Lecture Handouts MBE Lecture Handouts (ISBN:9781943808-82-3)

  • o    MBE workshops
  • o    Handouts for 8 MBE subjects

Multistate Practice Exams MBE Practice Exams (ISBN:9781943808-86-1)

  • o    Practice Exam One - 45 Q
  • o    Practice Exam Two - 55 Q
  • o    Practice Exam Three - Simulated MBE (200Q)
  • o    Practice Exam Four - 100Q

Multistate Performance Test MPT Performance Test (ISBN:9781943808-85-4)

  • o    2 workshop performance tests
  • o    18 practice performance tests (February 2010 - July 2014) with no answers

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1. Free MBE Simulator

2. Tips to Increase MBE score

3. Recent changes to MBE



1. Printable flash cards MBE  inc Civ Pro ($19 value)

2. MBE  outlines mini, short and long outlines ($19 value) 

3. Additional MBE practice questions($19 value)


4. Additional MBE practice questions($29 value)